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Top 30 Quinceanera Theme

Ideas Searching For The Best Quinceanera Theme Ideas?

Here are 5 tips for selecting your theme

along with a list of the top 30 choices in 2014.

A Quinceanera celebration just wouldn’t be the same without Quince themes.

So if you’re still in the planning phases and

looking for some options to make the event memorable,

you might want tips for making your decision.




5 Tips for Selecting Your Quince Theme


Tip #1 – Make a list of favorites.

Think about the things that you enjoy the most and use as inspiration for the Quinceanera party. Is there a style, hobby, movie, song, food, sport or other interest that makes everyone think of you?


Tip #2 – What color do you like most?

Soft pink and purple, for example, are ideal for fairy tale themed Quinceanera parties, while cool colors are more suited for the Hawaiian theme. If you like bright and bold then the Mardi Gras or Brazilian Carnival themes are great choices.


Tip #3 – Where would you go if you could pick any place in the world?

Think about the birthday girl’s favorite place in the world. This will allow you to further make special changes and modifications for the upcoming party.


Tip #4 – Consider your budget.

The more you think about the cost of your Quinceanera party, the easier it will be to choose a theme that matches your resources.


Tip #5- Think about the people attending.

For example, are they willing to play along and wear a costume? Also, make sure that everybody who’s invited will be able to blend in with the illusion of the Quinceanera theme that you want to use. Still need help with ideas?


List of Top 30 Quinceanera Theme Ideas

1.- Aladdin – The Aladdin theme relies heavily on the Disney movie for both costumes and decorations.


2.- Alice in Wonderland – The Alice in Wonderland theme usually involves the use of Alice in Wonderland decorations and costumes to create a Quinceanera celebration that is also a tea party.


3.- Arabian Nights – The Arabian Nights theme is similar to the Aladdin theme but with a more traditional Arabian appearance.


4.- Barbie – The Barbie theme relies on Barbie costumes as well as decorations that make the party appear like a dollhouse.


5.- Beauty and the Beast – This theme relies on a strict and formal dress code in order to create a magical evening for the birthday girl.


6.- Brazilian Carnival – This is a Quinceanera theme with a noticeable Latin American and festive flavor.


7.- Butterfly – The Butterfly theme is very straight forward in the sense that it explicitly involves butterfly style dresses, butterfly decorations and food with little butterfly decorations on them.


8.- Candy – The Candy theme allows for plenty of many different styles but you will also need to confine yourself to decorations, costumes and food, which are suggestive of sweets.


9.- Cinderella – This theme involves fantasy style decorations as well as formal gowns and costumes in order to recreate Cinderella’s ball for an enchanting Quinceanera party.


10.- Fairytale – With the Fairytale theme, all you need to do is visualize a Disney Princess themed Quinceanera, and you’re all set.


11.- Flowers – This Quinceanera theme relies heavily on floral decorations, costumes and food designs.


12.- Hawaiian – The Hawaiian theme uses plenty of tropical motif as well as traditional Hawaiian costumes combined with casual wear. Think luau meets birthday party.


13.- Hollywood – The Hollywood theme allows you to create a Quinceanera party that looks like a movie set or an Oscar award show. The birthday girl is of course the star of the show.


14.- Mardi Gras – The Mardi Gras theme relies on masks, creative costumes as well as festive American cuisine to make a memorable Quinceanera party.


15.- Mariachi – The Mariachi theme includes Mexican decorations and cuisine, and combines both with a live Mariachi band.


16.- Masquerade Ball – The Masquerade Ball needs to be done indoors with a formal dress code, a classic style cuisine, with unique masks worn for intrigue.


17.- Moulin Rouge – The Moulin Rouge theme involves classic (but festive) French decorations with a few French style costumes as well as some French cuisine to make things more exciting.


18.- Moon and Stars – The Moon and Stars is set under a starry night with a formal dress code and heavenly bodies used as decorations.


19.- Peacock – A peacock themed Quinceanera involves using peacock feather colors on the food, invitation cards and decorations to make a truly colorful party.


20.- Princess – This is a very feminine theme that involves a lot of pink and purple and of course a tiara.


21.- Renaissance – A Renaissance themed Quinceanera is best held outdoors along with medieval costumes and plenty of floral accents.


22.- Romeo and Juliet – The Romeo and Juliet theme is similar to the Renaissance theme, but with more Shakespearean decorations and Italian style costumes.


23.- Sleeping Beauty – The sleeping beauty theme combines romance, fantasy and a medieval milieu.


24.- Sunflowers – The Sunflower theme involves sunflower motifs as well as cuisine that features sunflower decorations.


25.- Tinker Bell – The Tinker bell theme usually involves a fairy costume dress code as well as fairy tale decorations.


26.- Under the Sea / Under the Ocean – This mermaid inspired theme involves aquatic colors and decorations, as well as seafood and a dress code that is usually reserved for pleasure cruises.


27.- Victorian – As you might guess, the Victorian theme is all about using classic English decorations and formal costumes in order to create a truly elegant Quinceanera.


28.- Western – The Western theme uses Country style decorations, cowboy style dress codes and traditional American cuisines.


29.- Winter Wonderland – Although costly and difficult to plan, the Winter Wonderland theme can also give the birthday girl a very beautiful and elegant Quinceanera to remember.


30.- Zebra – The Zebra theme involves a lot of black and white stripes. It can be made glamorous by pairing with hot pink or toned down with African Safari decorations.


Aside from these top party ideas there are plenty of other options for you to choose from. Use this list as inspiration to create your own unique celebration

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